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When can we update to Catalina?

Kellie W

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I’m still on Mojave, if that tells you anything. I’d wait a few more months, probably 1st quarter next year. Also, besides PS, you will need to upgrade any 32-bit software, and this really includes older calibration software. So you might have to upgrade your calibration device as well. 

When it’s all said and done, your mileage may vary. You can hurt yourself if you run with scissors. Upgrading to Catalina is a one-way proposition. I know the FOMO is strong and Apple keeps bugging you to upgrade, so if you do and use your camera professionally, then upgrade after 100% of your clients work is delivered. This way you can afford a month or two of possible headaches / problems / downtime. 

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Older calibration devices, like the ColorMunki have a temporary work-around using another calibration tool's software. Spyder5 Series has some sort of update patch to make it compatible with Catalina. Long term, look at buying a SpyderX Pro, which is what I'm going to do. Older calibration devices, while work-arounds are in place, there is no guarantee that the older devices will work long term.

Going forward, you want 64-bit software on everything. From Microsoft Office 365, to calibration software, to browsers...EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE 64-BIT FROM THIS POINT GOING FORWARD. Starting in the year 2020, 32-bit is dead as far as Apple is concerned. They migrated iOS to 64 bit a few years ago and now they are enforcing it with the mac OS. So if you are determined to keep using 32-bit, you are stuck on Mojave. Period. If you are buying a new Mac or want to upgrade, 64-bit is mandatory.

I'd buy a SpyderX Pro, which has 64-bit Calibration Software. Yes, it sucks to spend money, but in this case, it's the best recommendation I can give you.

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