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HD recommendations

Jamie Hogerheide

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Yeah, I've answered this many times in the Windows Section. Anyway, I own G-Drives. I have the now discontinued (12TB version) of this drive, and this is the latest incarnation @ 14TB:


I like the fact that it's 7200 RPM and a Enterprise Class HD. That is Server-Grade / Heavy Usage stuff. Thunderbolt 3 is pretty fast and since you are editing video, the throughput on that Drive is very nice. So much that I actually put all of my images on my EHD, and even edit off of it. Because it's so fast, I don't notice any real difference in terms of performance working off a EHD than my internal HD. Sure, the my Mac's internal SSD drive will be faster, but I haven't been crippled by it. I'm also working with huge D850 files.

Please note, that G-Drive comes Mac-Formatted. All you would need to do is delete the existing partition, setup a GPT Disk and use the Wizard to create a NTFS partition. Should take less than 5 min to convert, and you don't need any fancy software to do this, it's built into Windows. Oh, speaking of Windows, you will need a 64-bit version, but I have a feeling you know this. ;) 

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