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Laptop, just another what to buy?

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Good morning Brian,

I am going to purchase my laptop in the next day or two and I need your advice please. I travel in an RV a lot so I do need a laptop. I have an ASUS g74 and it’s about 7 years old. It’s a work horse, durable and Heavy.  I looked at Digital Storm today and I do like it. Any recommendations on the on you would buy and the extras? I have this in my basket now and with 0% financings I want to know what you think?  

Thank you 

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Thank you, it’s so expensive it makes me nervous. I bought my last 2 computers on Craigslist for so little. In 12 years I’ve spent under $700, but I want something  I don’t have to change for 7-10 years. I’ll make a decision soon as my shopping cart between amazon and b&h is full of computer’s.

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That Asus on Amazon, while on the surface looks decent, it does not specifically mention anything about being an IPS based display panel. I'm wary of this. The DCI-P3 is the new kid on the block in terms of Color Gamut and it looks promising. It makes movies that you watch on your laptop look better. That said, the web and prints and anything that is .jpg based is going to be in the sRGB colorspace for awhile. So no matter how much something is 97.3737482% of this color gamut, it doesn't mean a damn thing in the real world, at least not yet. That's why Damien wants you to switch to the sRGB colorspace just as you come out of ACR and one of the reasons Lightroom isn't recommended by him. (LR only has one colorspace, and it isn't sRGB.) You want to be consistent from beginning to end in terms of color. This is a laptop for photo-editing, so you have to be picky. If it was for general use, then buy whatever.

Why is IPS so important? Because the colors and contrast are consistent from edge to edge across the panel. You will have enough problems with screen angle alignment each time you open the laptop, which changes how you view things like your "darks." Moving the display an inch or so in each direction changes how you view the image. This is the #1 reason that I hate laptops for photo editing. But people keep wanting them, so I have given up arguing. Speaking of display angle, be sure to buy one of these:

Acratech Viewing Angle Gauge (Red)

You attach that to the back of the laptop, and you look through the little hole. If you see the little tab, you need to adjust your laptop's display angle. The hole should be "filled."

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