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Digital File Size small!!

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I am seriously feeling panicky!! A client's images - the images were taken on a Nikon d610, edited with no cropping done until the end (11:15 ratio like you recommend since it will be full res digital files for them), and I am looking at the file sizes, as I'm sure they may want to purchase canvases or prints on their own...and the file sizes are like 3 and 4mb!!!!!! I feel like I've read before that anything less than 5 or 6 is too small!! So I feel like I'm having a heart attack now wondering what I did and if this is going to be an issue. When I saved the jpegs, I save at a quality of 10 (like you recommend also) for full resolution files. I'm so confused, and don't know what to do! This is like 130 files with half of them being b&w conversions that takes a lot of time to save a certain way. Did I do something wrong here?

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The few I checked were all 5476 x 4016 px - maybe they are all the same because of the 11:15 crop? Are those big enough to print big with no problem?

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