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Restoration photo


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I have a friend who asked me to fix this photo that will be printed on a banner to be hung outside on a lamp post. I took in into ACR and adjusted the noise and played with the levels in PS. Any suggestions on where to go next? Or what can actually be done to make it better? I have never done this type of work before so I also don't mind referring her to a pro retoucher for this type of project. She reached out to be because they told her it would just come out as a black blob.



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2 minutes ago, CatherineL said:

Wow. Mind blown.

There's lots of mind-blowing stuff in the Channel Mixer class.

2 minutes ago, CatherineL said:

Does it look a little dark to you? I did a levels layer to the second one.

The second one is definitely better.  But of course it's not finished yet.  Go ahead and commence your normal Levels work on it, the same way you'd do for any black-and-white photo.

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