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The brightness adjustment step

The screen will flash a few times as the i1 takes some initial readings. Then it will pause and wait for you to adjust your screen’s brightness to get as close as possible to the White Luminance target you specified.

It’s very simple and logical. The goal is to get the yellow bar in the green zone. Just increase or decrease your screen’s brightness setting to get as close as possible to the target:


You can probably adjust your screen’s brightness using F keys on your keyboard. In some cases, you’ll need to use the slider in the Display control panel, and toggle back and forth between the control panel and the i1 program. Needless to say, the F key option is easier.

Don’t be surprised if you can’t achieve the exact luminance target. In fact, it’s quite unusual if you can. Near enough is good enough. During my calibration, the closest I could get was 103, which is a perfectly acceptable margin of error:


If you can’t get it right on the money, I find it’s better to err slightly on the low side, rather than the high side.

If you can’t get your screen’s brightness low enough (it’s rare, but it happens) then just take it as low as it can go.

Press “Next” to continue.

Colour readings >>

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