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ACR adjustments in LR catalog?

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I have been using Bridge/ACR more these days, but still like the convenience of Lightroom for more casual or bulk work, and for cataloging/metadata/faces.  I made some Camera Raw adjustments and added stars in ACR, then later imported the folder with those files into Lightroom.  However, those adjustments are not displaying in Lightroom.  I still see the unedited, straight out of camera raw file.  Is there a setting I'm missing?  

When I go the other way, from LR to ACR/Bridge, the LR adjustments show in Bridge/ACR because they are being saved to a sidecar file.  


Follow-up question--does anyone here use Lightroom to manage photos but use ACR/Photoshop for more serious editing?  

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Honestly?  This workflow doesn't make any sense to me at all.  Bridge/ACR does everything LR does, so you're supposed to pick one system or the other.  I happen to prefer LR, so I do all my workflow management and raw processing in it, but you really can do almost everything one system does in the other, so they're not designed for ACR-LR compatibility.

What is it that you think you can't do in Bridge/ACR?  (Or conversely, what is it that you don't like about LR?)

Remember: you're supposed to choose.  Either:

1) Bridge for workflow management, ACR for raw processing, and PS for serious editing, or

2) LR for workflow management and raw processing, and PS for serious editing.

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Bridge is growing on me, but there are things I prefer in Lightroom, though perhaps I don't know how to do them in Bridge yet.  Also, things I don't love in LR.  I'm fairly new to LR, coming from Aperture, which I really liked.  Things I'm having trouble working in one system with:

* Face recognition.  I'm not aware of that feature in Bridge.  

* Database library.  Though I'm finding Bridge works pretty well, especially if I keep my folders organized by year and date.  

* I don't like that you can't search within LR for folder names.  Often, that is the easiest way for me to find things, especially if I have been lax with keyboarding.  

* Metadata entry and templates seems easier in LR, though I need to educate myself better.

* Casual photo improvement is easier to me in LR (fewer steps and jumping from one program/interface to another).

* The keyboard shortcuts in LR make more sense to me (e.g., pressing 1 for one star, rather than command-1).  Not sure why the shortcuts aren't the same throughout Adobe world.  

* The lack of an sRGB workspace in LR is a bummer, and using soft proofing as a workaround isn't great.  It also lacks the ability to get clipping warnings in sRGB.  But, then again, there are plenty of professional photographers using LR and producing magnificent work, so, notwithstanding Damien's persuasive arguments, it can't be the end of the world.   

It would be great for the ACR changes to show up in Lightroom, just like the Lightroom changes show up in Bridge.  Not sure if the way LR manages its database has anything to do with it.  I realize you're supposed to use one, but if the two are compatible with one another, that would be better.  

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14 minutes ago, Christina Keddie said:

And you're looking at the file in LR in the Develop module?  (The sidecar files should translate all metadata into your LR catalog, so I'm puzzled as to why this isn't working!)

Yes, and me too!  

Here are screenshots of the same file in Bridge, ACR, and Lightroom develop module, as well as the folder in the Finder, showing that raw file's XMP sidecar file (DSC_9060.NEF).    



Lightroom develop.png


Finder folder.png

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