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noise removal. how far?


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in this picture of the girls face, the noise is concentrated in the folds of her cheek and under her neck.

should I be basing the noise reduction off the folds in her cheek?

should I remove noise further?

does it matter how big client will print when I'm doing noise reduction? (shot at iso 320 on 60D. Client will probably order as 11x14 or 16x24.) p.s I'm in the RAW class

thank you!!!

luminance 50

luminance detail 75

luminance contrast 100

color 8

color detail 50

sharpening 25



noise crop.jpg

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can you please take a look at this? did I remove the noise enough? here's a before and after. the 'after' is posted first.

luminance 50

luminance detail 90

luminance contrast 90

color  8

sharpening 25

thank you!!! 


noise removed.jpg

with noise.jpg

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