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Hair On Face


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Hi Damien, Im hoping to fix this hair up if possible? Any suggestions? My attempt so far has resulted in a mask type flat forehead. Ill post this attempt for you to laugh at and point me in the right direction. So far I did some sampled patching, cloning and painting, but its obviously missing texture and tone. 




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Actually, I hadnt looked at other setups. All the shots of this pose were affected but I might be able to try this one, the lighting is a bit different but it might work.


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Now, add a Hue/Saturation layer, and clip it to that new forehead layer.  Move the "Lightness" slider to about -50, then invert the mask to hide the adjustment.

Then very patiently (with a very low opacity brush) paint to darken the new forehead, until it looks plausible.  Particularly the right-hand side above the eyebrow, where it should be more shadowed.

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