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Lights out

At this point, if you haven’t already, turn off the lights or pull the blinds, or whatever. You don’t need your calibration compromised by light sneaking in, so for your safest result, make your room as dark as possible.

Place the Spyder

Lengthen the cord, unclip the cover, then position the device as instructed:



No need to be too stressed about the position on the screen.  You don't need to be exactly in the outline given, just be generally in that area.

But it IS important for the device to be sitting perfectly flat on the screen.  Don't let any light leak in at the sides.  Tilt your screen back to ensure this.

Click “Next” to begin the calibration process.

Brightness >>

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My office is in the largest room of the house with many, many windows.  I've pulled all the blinds and curtains that I can but its light enough that I can see just fine without any interior lights on.  Will that cause issues? Should I wait until everyone is in bed and I can turn out lights for total darkness?

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