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Lights up

Turn your lights back on, or open the blinds, or whatever.

Name and save the profile

Now you're at the save screen.  By default, the program wants to save the profile with your screen name, and "-1" at the end.


I prefer to name it with the targets used.  For this calibration we used 6500 for the colour, and 80 for the brightness, so I name my profile thus:


This way, if I'm about to do my monthly recalibration and I've forgotten what settings I used, I can simply check the name of my profile.  And when I finish the monthly recalibration, I can save the new profile with exactly the same name so it overwrites the old profile.  There's no need to keep old profiles, they're just clutter.

However, there are no rigid rules about this.  Do whatever suits you.

On the subject of recalibration, you'll see that you can choose a different reminder period if you wish.  Monthly is normal, and what I recommend.  It's possible to do it weekly, or even daily, but I think you'd only do that if you thought your screen was dying.


Once you've hit "Save", you'll get this enthusiastic message:


Then you can press “Next”.

Analysis >>

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