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Hi Damien, 
I have your article about calibrating your computer, and I'm trying to set my room up correctly. I moved my work station yesterday from the living room into a small bedroom that has 1 window, I bought blackout blinds for that window so no outside light comes in and now I'm at the lights part of all of this. I read your light article and now I have a much better idea of what I'm looking for but I'd love clarification that I'm doing this correctly. I have a multi light floor lamp that has space for 5 bulbs. My room is an 8x8, so according to the advice given to you from the associate at the store, I need bulbs that total 3600 lum....so if I got lights at 900 Lum, I would use 4 of those. ...and the temperature should be between 4000k-4200k....is this correct? I hope you can help me as I would greatly appreciate it.

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