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Minor reason #1: Avoiding compression damage

Jpeg is a compressed file format - that’s why you can fit so many of them on your memory card. The compression comes at a price, though ... some degradation of the pixel quality.

Some people think Jpeg compression is the worst thing in the world! They run around flapping their hands and squealing “Oh my God oh my God oh my God! Compression!”

lowqual_opt.jpeg.483a1e478593b04e06a4ea0  highqual_opt.jpeg.47e89e7519acceab801c15

It’s true that a low quality Jpeg file is blocky, and fuzzy, and awful. But a high quality Jpeg file is absolutely beautiful. The human eye cannot distinguish the difference between a high quality Jpeg and an identical (uncompressed) Raw file.

In our search for compelling reasons to shoot Raw, we must look further than the compression issue.

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Hello, Damien, sorry to shoot a question now and not after finishing reading the whole block/course

I did not quite understand the point, if we shoot in both formats(raw + high quality jpg), does it mean that our post-processed raw files are going to be in a resolution higher than those coming straight from the camera?

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