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Failing computer

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I just received someone's old laptop to use, was hoping this would replace my old laptop as it is newer (my photo processing is done on a desktop) but unfortunately I keep getting the blue screen of death after about 10 min of using it.  I've run glary, run windows diagnostics and they have found nothing. I have "refreshed" the PC and still have the problem. Often it tells me there's no bootable device (I have to enable legacy in the boot list and then it will start up fine several times after that before it goes back to no bootable device).  Looking it up in the computer there's several reasons it could be doing this - but I guess my question is - is there a program that would run diagnostic tests on the hard drive that glary can't? I'm trying to figure out whether it's a hardware or a software issue - my next step is to reinstall Windows and see if that fixes it but thought I would get your input!


Thanks in advance!

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No program. The Hard Drive is probably going bad. It could also be a heat problem / failing component on the motherboard, in which case it’s not worth fixing. 

But I’m leaning towards the Hard Drive. :)

What is the Make/Model of the laptop? Can you create the recovery media or has that been done already? Also, how fast is your internet and what version of OS are you running? 

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I've currently created the recovery media but can't find a USB to use just yet - I used to have several laying around as I used to do this stuff quite often but it seems I have lost all of them so I will have to wait and order one.  

Interestingly enough, today was the first time when I tried to start it up and it said no bootable device - it actually gave me my hard drive as an option to use. Never done that before.

It's a Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro 1370, I believe it was purchased in 2015, I'm not sure whether it originally had windows 8 or windows 10 on it but it is currently running Windows 10.  My internet's quite fast - 27.4 Mbps download and 9.9 Mbps upload! 


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If the hard drive has trouble spinning up, that could be the source of your issue. Basically, it's not ready in time for the motherboard so it's throwing an error. Well, I take that back. It seems your model has a SSD HD, so there isn't a "Spin-Up" problem, but I'm still thinking the drive is having an issue. This problem will get worse over time. From what I can tell, your laptop looks to be a bit of a pain to take apart and chances are you will break stuff trying to replace the HD.

Other things you can look for is to run the Lenovo software and see if there are any firmware updates and such for your laptop. Who knows, you might get lucky. Other than that, a trip to a repair shop is likely in your future. Personally, laptops today aren't meant to be repaired and are a PITA to take apart. I speak from experience. :)

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