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Sorry if this in the wrong area, I am creating  my own flyer is PS usong CS5 and when I load it for print i am advised the resolution is to low and it looks horrible very pixelated. I am at a lost on how to fix this. Do I scrap it  and start again. I used the flyer measurement to creat my flyer which was 148mmx105mm A6 and left the DPI as 72, should I change this? when zoomed at 100% it looks ok. I have attched the file information.


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I am was going to use vista print, lucky I don't flatten any of my work. I was hoping you wouldn't ask to see the design as it is nothing flash, just simple and i am feeling extremely nervouse and self conscious about doing this. so here goes, I have chosen to remove some information.

flyer 2.JPG

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Oh bummer :(

If all three photos were Smart Objects (that is, if you'd used File>Place to put them in the design) you could have simply increased the resolution of the design and you wouldn't have needed to redo anything.  Alas, you haven't done that.

PLEASE read over that section of the Layers & Masks Class again.

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