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First, the processing


I open my Raw file in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) and make adjustments to it. The adjustments are recorded in the XMP data which accompanies my Raw file.

  • If you work with the Raw files that come out of your camera (eg NEF or CR2), the XMP data is saved in an extra XMP file alongside the Raw file. If you see XMP files, don’t delete them - they’re important!
  • If you convert your Raw files to the generic DNG format, the XMP data is embedded within the DNG file, so you never really notice it.

Of course, you can open multiple raw files at once. I’ve written a little more about that here.

(It is also possible to open Jpeg files into ACR. I’ve explained that in this article, but I won’t be mentioning it further in this class.)

Opening and saving >>

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