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Prints not matching calibration

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Hello, so i've just calibrated my monitor. But struggled to find prints I liked as after looking at my screen all my prints look really dull and lifeless. I've had this problem for a while. 
When looking at the 'switch mode' on the spyderX pro on my mac desktop I could see how before they did in fact look dull and how they know look more real life on the screen. Is it worth sticking with the new calibration which looks much better when compared and trying some new test prints to see if that's helped and if they match? 
Thank you in advance

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If it makes you feel better, then yes, go ahead and get some new test prints.

But I assure you, it won't make a shred of difference.  If your screen now finally matches the prints you already have, then I assure you your calibration is correct, and you may proceed to edit with confidence.

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