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Lighting Fix


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Attempted a backlit studio session. Used bounced speed light in front of her to get some light in her eyes and on her face. Damien pointed out the crunchy hair and said I needed to adjust my lighting. Do you have any input on where to start? Thanks!




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At first glance, your light power is not correct for either light. Meaning the light from behind is too powerful, which is what is messing with the hair. What is supposed to be your "Key Light," aka "Main Light" isn't powerful enough. Your lighting ratios are off, the angle that your back-light is wrong and you should not have bounced your main light; a Modifier should have been used at the very least, i.e. Softbox, for the Main Light. Or if you did want a true "BackLight Photo," you would have needed Two Large Reflectors, one on each side at about a 40º-45º Angle, pointed at your subject.

Before I start rambling, I need more info. First, were ALL the flashes set to Manual, or were you using TTL Metering? Second, what Speed Lights are we talking about, and do you own any Modifiers? (Softboxes, Umbrellas, etc.) Do you only own Speedlights or do you have lights like Alien Bees or something similar? How large is your studio space?

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