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Batch watermarking with Image Processor

If you left the cropping step turned on in the action (or in the extremely rare circumstance that your images don’t need cropping) continue reading this page.  You'll love how easy the process is.

But if you prefer to open the files in Photoshop and crop them manually first, click here to go to the Photoshop instructions instead.

The Bridge Method

If you’re not already using Bridge at the beginning of your workflow for browsing, rating and culling your photos, you’re missing out big time. It rocks.

And now we’re going to rock it at the other end of your workflow. It’s really easy to run your action on dozens or hundreds of your photos.

Launch Bridge and browse to the right folder. Or (PC only) right-click on the folder in your operating system, and choose “Browse in Bridge” from the menu:


Either way, you get to the folder in Bridge, then you choose the files you want to batch-process. If you want all of them, just hit Ctrl/Cmd A. Or you can select a few as I have done here:


Go to Tools>Photoshop>Image Processor:


Photoshop will open, and the Image Processor window will come up:


The Image Processor dialog looks a little different in each version of Photoshop, but the fundamental functions remain the same.

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