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Fit Image

This is the step that controls the size of your image. Click on the step to highlight it as I’ve done here:


Then go to the panel submenu and choose “Record Again”:


That will bring up the Fit Image dialog, with my default settings of 720:


This is where you consult your piece of paper for the first time. What dimensions are right for you? Maybe you, like me, are preparing for Facebook, but you prefer the 960px size:


Or maybe you’re preparing for your gallery slideshow, which has a window of 840x600px:


Whatever you wrote down, enter it here, then press OK.

Please remember that the Fit Image function doesn’t resize your photos to exactly the sizes you enter. If you enter 960×960, it doesn’t force all your photos to become squares. It creates a “box” that all your photos will fit inside. The landscape ones will be 960 wide, and whatever their height will be, will be. Likewise, your portrait ones will be 960 high, and their width will be whatever it is.

Unsharp Mask >>

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