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Now it’s time to see if it all works. Open one of your photos (or use the one you already have open, but back at its original size) and click on the name of the action, then press Play:


When playing, the action will stop once, or a few times, depending on the settings you chose. It will stop for cropping if you left that turned on, and wait for you to position the crop marquee then press Enter or Return to continue. It will stop for sharpening if you turned that on, and wait for you to adjust the settings, and press OK to continue.

Where it will definitely stop is for the watermark positioning. You’ll see the box around the watermark, and you can grab within that box and move the watermark to the position that gives the best security to your image.

In my opinion, the best place for a watermark is over an important and detailed part of the photo, where it can be neither cropped nor edited out.

If it all works perfectly, within a few seconds you should have the finished web photo right there on your screen, at the correct size, with the watermark where you wanted it. If that happens, give yourself a high five!


If it doesn’t work, comment below so we can troubleshoot together.

Working properly? Let's save it >>

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Hi Damien I'm having trouble. I am trying to apply a large watermark, 1365w x 910h. My image size is set to 2048 for width and height. When the action applies the watermark, my image size becomes 2048x1736, which leaves me with a white rectangle since this isn't the original ratio.  Any idea how I may correct this? 

Watermark Action SS.jpg

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In that case you don't need this entire tutorial.  You just need to make yourself a quick action which places the watermark.  That's all.

The act of placing the watermark file will automatically make it the width of the image, which is what you need in this case.

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