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Canvas Size #1

IMPORTANT: There are three “Canvas Size” steps in this action. Make sure you’ve chosen the first one, just after “Convert to Smart Object”.

You know the drill by now. Select it, then “Record Again”:


This is a little confusing, but just go with me on it. This step is not for the canvas size of your photo – it’s actually for the size of your watermark. Remember how we measured it a little earlier?

Whatever was the longest dimension of your watermark (usually the width, I guess), enter it in both fields, to make a square shape. The default settings are 220 …


… but in my example image, the watermark measured 234×54, so I’d enter 234 in both fields:


Once you’ve entered your number, press OK. A little box will appear warning you that some clipping will occur; press “Proceed”. It’s not kidding – your image will end up as a tiny little square on screen. Don’t worry, it’s all good.

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