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Canvas Size #2

IMPORTANT: There are two “Canvas Size” steps in this action. This time make sure you’ve chosen the first one, just after “Convert to Smart Object”.

Choose “Record Again”:


This gets a little confusing, but just go with me on it. This step is for the size of your watermark. Remember how we measured it a little earlier?

Whatever was the longest dimension of your watermark (usually the width, I guess), enter it in both fields, to make a square shape. The default settings are 220 …


… but in my example image, the watermark measured 234×54, so I’d enter 234 in both fields:


Once you’ve entered your number, press OK. A little box will appear warning you that some clipping will occur; press “Proceed”. It’s not kidding – your image will end up as a tiny little square on screen. Don’t worry, it’s all good.

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