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Now it’s time to see if it all works. Open one of your photos (or use the one you already have open, but back at its original size) and click on the name of the action, then press Play:


Depending what settings you chose, it might stop here and there to wait for your involvement. For example, if you left cropping turned on, it will pause for you to resize the crop marquee then press Enter or Return to keep going. And if you decided you want full sharpening control, it will stop to let you tweak the USM settings, then when you press OK it will keep going.

If it all works perfectly, within a few seconds you should have the finished web photo right there on your screen, at the correct size, with the border in place, and the watermark in the correct position. If that happens, give yourself a high five!


If it doesn’t work, comment below so we can troubleshoot together.

Working properly? Let's save it >>

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