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Rich black and print registration

So to come back to the original point of discussion. We shouldn’t use more ink in our rich blacks than the printer tells us to, because the more underlying colour, the worse the edges of our blacks will look if printed out of registration. It’s a risk/reward equation.

What if they don’t tell us?

If your print shop’s guidelines don’t specify values for rich black, maybe write to them and ask. But if the information isn’t forthcoming, I suggest using 30% cyan, and don’t bother with any magenta or yellow. The 30C will give the black a boost, without introducing any significant risk.

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous use 30/15/15/100.

How to do it?

At this stage we’re just exploring the principles of rich black. Later in the class I’ll show you how to apply the ink values in your software.

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