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Calibrating hp Pavilion 23 all in one monitor

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Hi Damien,

I've dug around my computer's settings and the hp online help but can't find any buttons or settings for adjusting the display for calibration. Am I missing something or is this monitor/computer not able to be calibrated?

hp Pavilion 23 all in one

Thanks for your help,


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Thanks for the link.

Currently, I have the obsolete Mac Book Pro for use when I travel and this hp Pavilion 23 which is getting towards obsolete too, I think. My current plan is to buy an X-Rite i1Display Pro

so that it will calibrate both of these and whatever monitor(s) I upgrade to when I have the cash available.

I am going to order prints from the photos that I submitted in the Raw Class that I used in the WB checks (following the instructions about the color varieties, etc.).

Does this sound like an adequate plan?

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