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Updating mac


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Hey Brian I am wanting to upgrade to the new photoshop but it wants me to update my mac to be able to install it. I remember reading something a while ago that we should hold off from updating. 
Is it safe to update it or is it going to cause me problems? 

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It really depends on your situation. What OS level are you at? Is it asking you to upgrade to Catalina? What version of PS? Do you own a calibration device? If so, what is the Make/Model. How much free HD space do you have? What type of Mac is it? How old?

While you are getting me all of those details, feel free to give this a read:


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I’m on version is El Capitan 10.11.6. To be able to install the new ps it wants me to update my computer. I am currently using ps cs6. I have a calibrator which is the spyder 5 elite. I don’t have much HD space only 77.4 gb ? and it’s a 2011 iMac. 

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Do not upgrade!

Ugh, You have a trifecta going here.

  1. 2011 iMac, way too slow by today's standards. If you think it's slow now, just wait...it will come to a crawl.
  2. 77.4GB of free space is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. You are at the level where data corruption is a real possiblity. Start purging, like NOW. You do not need those 75 photos of your lunch from 7 years ago. Be ruthless. You want to shoot to get at least 30% free of your total storage capacity, or higher. On a 1TB HD, we are looking for 300GB - 400GB Free. This is tougher to accomplish on a small HD, like a 500GB or 250GB.
  3. As I mentioned in my article, if you upgrade to Catalina, your PS CS6 will cease to work PERMANENTLY!  No, there isn't a work-around. No, there won't be any patches from Adobe. It will flat-out stop working FOREVER!

If you were to upgrade, you more than likely would have nothing but problems. Combine that with the fact that upgrading to Catalina is a one-way proposition, there's no going back, you would have set yourself up for a lot of aggravation.

My advice? Don't upgrade, stay where you are. Start saving for a new iMac, it's time for a new one. Even if it takes you a year or two, you are at the point of replacing your computer. Please read my pinned articles about what to buy when it comes to a Mac. And for all the love that is good-and green, DO NOT PURCHASE A 21.5" IMAC! They are to be avoided like the Plague!! A 27" iMac is in your future, with a price to match.

Oh, you will need to budget for a new Calibration Tool as well, such as the SpyderPro X Series. That being said, the Spyder5 Elite does have an upgrade patch to get it to work with Catalina, but the new iMacs have even fancier screens and I'm not sure how accurate your Calibration would be. I think it's OK for now, but if you can't afford a Mac and have to wait a few years, that will probably make a difference and the Spyder5 Elite won't be able to handle say...a 2022 iMac (or whatever.) Make sense?

One more thing, if you do get a new iMac, Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 or Adobe Photoshop CC 2020 will be in your future.



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Brian is there a way to update to high sierra on my mac? With my new 5D iv I can't view the cr2 files but also can't convert them using the adobes convert to dng as I need to have at least 10.13 or later 

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On 10/12/2020 at 7:06 AM, Falon said:

Brian is there a way to update to high sierra on my mac?

No. It's Catalina or Bust! Apple stopped "Signing Off" (Authorizing) the older Operating Systems. So even if you found someone who has a ThumbDrive with a High Sierra or whatever, chances are it won't work. But I'm not 100% sure on this one. I do know for a fact that if you upgraded to Catalina, you can not downgrade / change your mind.

Unfortunately, as time goes on, it's going to get harder and harder to avoid upgrading. You have a 2011 iMac. Honestly, it's time for a new one.

Here is why and what I have found in all these 40+ years that I've been dorking around with this stuff:

  • Year 1: Person buys a new computer.
  • Year 2: They seem happy with their purchase, if anything were to fail with their computer, this is when it will happen.
  • Year 3: New Technology is released, marketing buzzwords usually involve "Next Level" or "Game Changer."
  • Year 4 : Computer starts to become a bit slow, loses it's "Newness" and "Luster." But it still works and suits the person's needs.
  • Year 5: Software development starts to take over the computer in its initial configuration, which results in some sort of upgrades. Such as:
    • More RAM
    • Larger Capacity Hard Drive.
    • Better Graphics Card, possibly upgrading power supply as well to support new video card.
  • Year 6: Upgrades seem to do the trick; life-span of the computer meets with the demand of current software and is extended for the moment.
  • Year 7-8: Software exceeds Hardware. New Operating Systems will no longer work well on older technology, and current software programs demand more resources than what the computer will allow. The search for a new computer begins, resulting in purchasing new equipment. The cycle then repeats.

You have a 2011 iMac. :D

It's 2020. That's 9 Years, and I'd say that has been a very good run. Start saving,

Edit: I went through the same exact thing. My 2009 iMac worked well with my D700 and D4s. Then I bought a Nikon D850 and that stupid camera has costed me so much money. New Lenses, New Computer which had to be upgraded to 64GB, and new External 12TB Hard Drive. I feel your pain. I have spent thousands on this shit.

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