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Kelvin setting in camera changes in ACR

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I set my Kelvin settings to 4700 in my camera, i make sure i hit the ok button, but when i load it up and open it in ACR, it shows different..4500.....Do you have a solution on y it does this?  I checked and it shows shot as

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1 hour ago, Damien Symonds said:

No you don't.

Your statement implies the assumption that your in-camera white balance is correct.  But that is a false assumption in the majority of cases.

Even if you use a fancy pants expodisc, you still need to check. :) It shouldn't be too bad though if they were all taken within the same light - simply sync the white balance settings between all the similarly lit ones. 

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Remember, too, that things get lost in translation between your camera's proprietary raw data and Adobe's rendering of it.  *And* the numbers for white balance are different when you're talking about setting it in-camera vs. correcting it in post-processing software.

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