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Inserting a vintage photo into a modern day setting

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Not sure if i described that correctly but i have a client who'd like her MIL put into the her family photo- i said it all depends on the lighting and the setting etc but eventually i was forwarded the hi-res scan of the image and the photos taken by her photographer. This is what I've come up with so far and i'd like to know what else you recommend. It's not my usual line of work as you know but i don't mind a challenge :)

I think the lighting is better when she is at the RHS but it's the man's mum so they might want her on his side... should i even bother? I realize she looks out of place anyway but tell me how bad it is :/






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Gosh, well done!

I agree that the lighting works better at the RHS, but it's no biggie - go with where they want.

The question I have is, have you sufficiently damaged the digital photo to match the quality of the scan?  May I see a 100% crop?

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I blurred it as much a fair bit and added some texture to it but the original was way over sharpened and i wasnt sure if any of my work was believable so if need be i can ask the photographer for a less sharpened version :/ 

Reckon i should add some noise? 


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