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Panorama Tutorial?

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Is this the right category to ask if you have instructions for creating a panorama?  I did the following: Automate > photomerge > selected the "auto" and "blend all images" (left all other options un-checked) > selected 5 files > OK... but my panorama was split on my PS screen, with 3 pictures being stitched together, then two more stitched together below that.  It almost looks like it's just because I don't have room on my screen for all 5 pictures side-by-side, however I'm not sure how to proceed.  Thank you for any help!


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I have never done a panorama in PS.  This is the correct sequence (pics #1 and #2 are on the bottom - they belong on the far left) - however it was a sudden idea I had while in the field, so it's very possible I didn't take the pictures correctly for this to work well, because I did not know what I was doing.  According to what I now understand, I may not have left enough overlap at the sides of the frames.  Thank you for your response, I'll keep looking for whatever mistakes I made!


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