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Differences in ACR and LR image

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Okay - Damien, I know you hate LR.  But please humor me because I am stumped.  I've attached an image that I edited in LR (my clean edits) - I have two versions - one with soft proofing on and one without.  To my eye, not much difference in the two.  Then I opened the image in ACR - and WHOA!  Clipping is major.  Can you explain (again, I'm sure) why these are so different.  I keep hearing "it's the same engine" in both ACR and LR.  If I clean edit in ACR, I get a completely different image.


LR with softproofing.JPG



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I looked all over for any signs of anything other than sRGB before I posted - because I had a feeling this was it.  Of course, I didn't find it anywhere.  Until you said "duh" - and then I spotted it immediately.  Geez. 

Christina - thank you.  Yes, I will go through that article.  I've read it before, and set preferences accordingly.  But over time, I may very well have changed things that shouldn't have been changed.

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