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Colour not right

I know I’ve said this before, but I have to hammer it home again. NEVER underestimate the effect your surrounding light has on the way your photos appear. You’re on this page because your screen and prints differ in colour. Before proceeding, I need you to make a frank appraisal of the light in your room. If it’s too yellow (which is the most common problem) it will make your prints appear yellow, and therefore cause you to conclude that your screen’s calibration is too cold.

If you think, or even suspect, that your light is the culprit, take steps to rectify it. Get whiter bulbs if you can, or at least try assessing your prints in daylight. I would hate to be wasting your time with all of these calibration adjustments if the calibration wasn’t actually the problem.

If you’re sure the light is ok, read on …

Let’s try again.

From the home screen, choose "Display" again to get to the targets page.  Pull down the "White Point" menu to take a look at your options:


What setting to choose

Since your screen itself doesn’t give you any flexibility, this is the only avenue available to us – the white temperature targets of the i1 itself. Remember how we chose “Native” the first time? Did you write down your Native result from your first calibration?  I hope you did, because you need it now.

This gets a tiny bit confusing.  The White Point targets are listed as "D" values - from D50 to D75.  But your calibration result was given as a "K" result - remember how mine was 7038K? Well, you simply divide the K value by 100 to get the D value.  My 7038K screen is roughly D70.  If your screen was 8193K, that would mean roughly D82.  I hope you get the idea.

So figure out the "D" value of your screen, then ...

  • If your screen needs to be cooler to match your prints, choose the next highest D target.
  • If your screen needs to be warmer to match your prints, choose the next lowest D target.
  • (Or if you screen needs to be a lot warmer, maybe choose an even lower target.)

So if, for example, my D70 screen was a bit too cold, I'd choose the D65 target for my next calibration.

I hope this makes sense!  Please comment below if you need assistance.

With your new target chosen, press Next to continue and calibrate again.

Re-calibrate >>

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Hi Damien,

Ive tried calibrating 3 times now. 
My last calibration my screen measured 7535k, its still pretty warm compared to my prints. I divided it by 100 and got 75.  I have already tried calibrating it at D75, however it states if its still to warm to go even higher. There is no option high than D75. Any tips? The brightness seems good. Its just my prints that almost look like the clients skin is more pink, and on my screen they look more yellow/warm.


Thank you!

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Unfortunately I dont have another computer as it just broke. I hope the device isn't faulty, its only been used a few times since purchasing it! Should there be an option that is higher than D75 or should my screen be quite cool that target. I can reach out to the place it was purchased from and see if they can send a replacement. I recently switched from a macbook air to PRO. On my air it seemed to match quite well. Could it be something with the pro?

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unfortunately no! I will see if I can get a new callibrater.

Should D75 be quite cool? It does look much cooler after compared to what my screen was. My outdoor prints seem to match much better than the prints done in my studio.

Im also wondering if my print lab had a bad batch, as my previous prints are matching much better than the ones i got today.

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Good to know. I will re print and also have my previous photos printed there as well to see if theres been a change. The ones i received today just seemed so dull and cool. Nothing like my my previous prints. I will let you know what the results are!

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