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The results

After saving the profile, the software gives you a couple of results screens that are useful to examine.

When you click the first little icon at the top of the screen, you get confirmation of your White Point and Luminance outcomes:


IMPORTANT NOTE:  It's really annoying how X-Rite juggle between the "D" and "K" numbers for temperature.  Nerds will try to tell you there is a difference, but for our normal purposes they are exactly equivalent - "D65" is the same as "6500K", "D55" is the same as "5500K", etc.

The grey ramp

The second icon gives you the graph of the neutrality of your screen.  If yours is as straight as mine, you'll know you've got a good screen!


Are you proud of your screen's graph?  Post it below for us to see!

If yours is bowed or crooked, you'll know your screen is not so great.  But hopefully we'll still be able to achieve a satisfactory result.


The calibration is finished!  Now it's time to check the result.

Press the "Home" button.


Comparison >>

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I followed your calibration instructions link and at the end went to "next unread topic" and here I am. But the graph still seemed relevant. I'm not sure what to try next. 

I did follow the Spyder Elite instructions set. Although, I've done it so many times I think I've got them all memorized.

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