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Colour not right

If you're not happy with the colour of your calibration, pull down the "White Point" menu to take a look at your options:


The X-Rite gives you four options - the D65 you tried at the beginning, and three others.  D75 is cooler, and D55 and D50 are warmer.

(Remember that D=K.  D50 means 5000K, D55 means 5500K, D65 means 6500K, and D75 means 7500K.)

Four options might not be enough for exquisite accuracy.  However, those aren't your only four options; your screen gives you some too.  Remember how you wrote them down?  This was my list:


So, my screen gives me five options, on top of the four that X-Rite gives me; meaning I have nine colour options to play with.  That should definitely help me to achieve perfection.

What I've done here is write down all of my nine options in order from warmest to coolest:


D65 is what I calibrated to the first time.  If I need my screen to be cooler, I have two options available to me.  If I need my screen to be warmer, I have a massive SIX options available to me!

You don't necessarily need to write down your own list of options like this.  But I really do think it helps with your calculations, so I encourage you to do so.  In fact, I'd love it if you could take a photo of your list and post it in the comments below, because I'm always curious to see what different screens can do.

Which to choose? >>

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