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Choose your new colour target

Which new target will you choose from your list?

Well, if your screen is only a little bit too cold or a little bit too warm, choose the next lower or higher setting.  Generally that's the best one.  But if it's a rare occasion when your screen is a LOT too cold or too warm, choose the setting two steps away.

In my example ...


Let's say I just calibrated to D65, and I've found that my screen is just a little bit cooler than my prints.  So I would choose the next warmest target, which for me would be my screen's "Multimedia" setting.

But what if I'd found that my screen was a little warmer than my prints?  In that case I'd calibrate again with the "D75" setting.

I hope this is making sense so far.

How to recalibrate

This is crucial:

  • If you're going to recalibrate with one of the X-Rite targets (D50, D55, D65 or D75), choose it from the menu:


  • BUT if you're going to recalibrate with one of your screen's settings, select it in your screen's menu, then choose "Native" from this menu:


  • Of course, if your colour is fine and you're only recalibrating because of brightness, you can ignore everything I've said on this page and keep the same target you used last time.

Click the appropriate link to continue:

I'm using an X-Rite target >>

I'm using a screen setting ("Native") >>


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