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Reading the colours

The device will take a moment to take a reading of your screen's contrast.  I've never been required to do anything while this is occurring (please comment below if your experience is different).

Then it will read your screen's white temperature, and stop here:


It's telling you the temperature of the setting which your screen is currently on.  My screen is on its "Standard" setting at the moment, so the device is telling me that its temperature is 5685K:


Still got that piece of paper?  You're going to write down all of your screen's settings' temperatures.  I start by writing down my Standard reading:


Then I switch my screen to its next preset ("Multimedia") then allow the device a couple of seconds to take a new reading of the current temperature, and write that down.  Then the next one, and the next one, and so on, until my list is complete:


Of course your screen's preset names might be different from mine, and your temperature values will definitely be different from mine.  So your list will be unique to you.

Don't bother about taking a reading from your screen's Custom/User preset.  That comes next.

Got your list written down?  Great.

Customising >>

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