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Fine-tuning the colour

Now it's time to choose your screen's "Custom" or "User" setting.  This is were we will delicately tweak your screen to achieve the exact target.

The yellow arrows tell you what you need to do.  In my screenshot, you can see that my screen's Red setting is quite a bit too high, and the Green and Blue a tiny bit too low.


The goal is to get all three yellow markers exactly lined up with each other in the middle of their green ranges.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  When you access your screen's Red, Green and Blue custom controls, you might find that they are all at their maximum values.  That's what I found with my Dell - all three were at 100%.  This might cause you to panic a tiny bit, since the yellow arrows are telling you that one or two of your colours need to increase.  Don't worry.  Start with the colour that's too high, and bring it down, until another colour is too high, then bring that down, and keep fiddling around and bringing them down until you achieve your goal.  In the end, one of your screen's colours (usually the Blue) will remain at 100%, and the other two will be a bit lower, and the three yellow markers will be lined up beautifully.  You'll see what I mean once you begin.

In the end, you'll have three green ticks ...


... and your "Current" value will be very close to the "Target" value.  Very close, but never exactly the same.  That's ok.  The green ticks are all we care about.

Press "Next".

Brightness step >>

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