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I have read the guidelines but don't have an image yet as I'm going to shoot all the elements for this composite in the coming week.

I'd like to create a digital art piece with similar processing (toning, colours etc) to these by the talented Tracy Willis.




Any thoughts are welcome! 

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Sure!  I look forward to helping you, these are fun.

Post your photos once you have them.

Remember, this kind of work lives or dies by the photos you take.  Get the lighting as plausible (matching) as possible, and think carefully about the angles and the depth of field.

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Yeah for sure. Thanks Damian I will do. I am waiting for a couple of props to arrive then I'll get shooting. 

I guess focal length matters too right? How do I manage that when merging images of something small (like a toy bed/pram etc) with something larger (like a baby) 

Does every element need to be shot from the same focal length as well as the same angle?

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I would think that focal length only matters (for the subject elements) insofar as it impacts the DoF of each element.  Background compression is irrelevant for the subject elements.  I would play around with focal length for the background elements to see whether you can use distortion or compression as a compositional tool, but using the same focal length for all the different-sized elements seems unnecessarily complicating to me. 

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