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Photos looking yellow after calibration

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I have a new computer and new screen. I have an LG and Spyder x elite calibrator.

I calibrated my monitor and the highlights of my images are yellow. Without the calibration it's more even toned. With the calibration, It looks like yellow spots with hard lines between shadow and highlight. I tried to recalibrate and it looks the same. Any ideas?



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I have good news. I went through your instructions again and noticed that I didn't have the RGB Sliders option. I figured it out following your instructions, then I had trouble finding the RGB sliders. But I did and had to do major adjustments to them. Now it looks much, much better. It's telling because before the uncalibrated looked better, now the uncalibrated looks really red and bad.

I hope that RGB option will be there automatically next time I calibrate.

Thanks as always for your help!

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