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Sd Card reading as empty


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Hi. I had my scandisk card reader in my MAC computer - didn't eject correctly. 

Put into camera Canon550D and a constant red light came on RH corner. Wouldn't let camera display anything. 

Took out card, and turned on camera, as Normal. 

Input into card reader and put into Mac, but did not appear in Finder. 

Removed and tried another card reader. Same issue

Inout into a non mac laptop, opened, but showed card as empty. 

Can my images be recovered? All guidance welcome. Thank you. 

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59 minutes ago, OrlaO said:

Can my images be recovered?

Not by normal means. I'm thinking the controller chip in the card might be faulty. How important are these images? The problem is, the more you dork around with the card, the less likely you will be to recover those images. Believe it or not, stuff like this is common, even on a Windows computer. I've blown a few USB Thumbdrives over the years by not ejecting them properly. It happens. Usually at the worst possible moment.

The problem is, your card isn't "Mounting." So your typical software is going to look for a device in the finder. If it's not there and the computer can't see the card, neither can the recovery software. I'd give these guys a call and schedule data recovery with them. What I think happened is some sort of electrical short happened with one of the components and the card is just not powering up. The data could still be intact on the individual memory chips, it's just the controller chips allowing for that to happen are defective in some way.

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Thanks so much Brian. Some important memories on this card so I'm a bit upset that this has happened. I'll try the guys you mentioned and see if can sort it out ? 

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