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changing shoes color from pink to red


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Hi Damien!

The parents brought a pair of red shoes to match with this dress, however, the girl didn't want to wear them....

Is there a way to change her pink shoes to red (similar to her dress color)?




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Thanks Damien!  How do I do this part -> go back and tweak the colour of the red layer?

Did you mean add color balance? or change the red solid color layer by selecting different shades of red with an eyedropper?

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I recorded my screen to show you what i did.   I am still clueless of what you meant by not a solid color layer....

Do I take out the mask to make the layer solid red?    Even after I remove the mask to make it solid red, the same window popped up.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/om9crtuqkwh4d03/red shoes.mov?dl=0


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