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Masking in a New Background


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This is an image from a session where I have used the wrong black backdrop, a thin one that shows wrinkles instead of my thick velvet one. With something like this, my instinct is to use the quick selection tool and mask a gradient background in. I can make it more acceptable in BW but this particular client wants colour as well as BW versions of this set of 20. 

For Damien River-02.jpg

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Yes, I think it makes the photo more realistic to have the gradient remain a little. My usual method for this edit is to marquee select the edges and drag them out, but because I accidentally used the wrong backdrop in the studio, I have to manage the texture and material opacity out of it as well, which was why I thought a flat gradient background behind then cut out mum on top of it.



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With noise added. Its odd, the banding wasn't visible in photoshop either time, only in the first jpg I uploaded. In fact, I see it is still there a little in this jpg but it is not visible on the file in PS or preview, only once its uploaded here. 

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