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Prints look sludgy and desaturated

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Please help! My prints look desaturated and have a slight sludgy look to them.  

I have calibrated several times, following your instructions, using  SpyderX Elite. I have obtained the soft proofing profile from my lab and the only thing that does make a difference is if I tick the "simulate paper colour" when looking in Proof Setup. This does show me a slightly desaturated image. 

I have tried redoing everything from the start but clearly I have made an error somewhere, but I can't find out what or where. 

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22 minutes ago, Rae said:

They do match. Possibly the prints are fractionally darker bit it is minuscule. The colours all look fine.


Then this can't be a problem at your end, surely?

Have you changed labs, or is it still the same lab?

15 minutes ago, Rae said:

The other change, (not sure if this is of relevance) is that I have gone from using PSE to Photoshop 2021.

Can you double-check that Photoshop's Color Settings are on "North America General Purpose 2" the way they should be?

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I'm using the same lab.

Pretty sure it's something I've done as a canvas from a different printer also came back looking a bit desaturated.

Just checked the colour settings and it was set to 'untitled'. I have now changed it to North America General Purpose 2' 


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Definitely the same paper. I can't help thinking it's something I've done either in the setting up of the Mac or Photoshop as I had a canvas come back from a completely different supplier that was a bit desaturated. 

Do you think I should reset everything and start again?

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