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Adjusting your color channels manually on monitor to calibrate

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Good afternoon!

    So i purchased a new monitor about a year ago and spent a pretty penny on it and i think it was on a list that was out from damien if memory serves me correctly. Anyways ive been using spyer4 pro and all is well i just went to re calibrate it after a few months (i know i was slacking) and it was really cool, where even in the warmest setting i was at 7050. I do have the ability to change the color channels manually in the monitor myself. Is it wrong of me to drop some of the blue channel to bright it down to near 6500 where it was when i first got the monitor? I noticed when i changed it all the channels on the calibrator finally fell in line with one another where 1 wasnt really any higher then the other. Is this okay to do?

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