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yellow prints

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I recently ordered test prints from a lab I'm hoping to use more regularly (WHCC); I calibrated my screen and have been plugging along in life. 

I've just received all my prints for the sharpening class, and while the prints look awesomely sharp, the color seemed off. When I compared them now to my screen, the prints all have a yellow tone to them and definitely don't match my screen. It's noticeable in ALL the photos. 

Before I message them about a reprint, I want to make sure there isn't something I could have done on my end to muck this up. They're all sRGB, embed color profile is selected when I save as JPEGs, and I did not select color correction with my lab when uploading. 

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Okay, I did do that straight away, and they still match okay. I was just afraid maybe I did something in the saving process, but other than the sharpening, I didn't do anything differently than my test/calibration batch. Will message them. Thanks Damien!

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