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jpeg or TIFF

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Hi Damien,

I have a landscape image which I have HDR merged in the program Photomatix Pro. When saving the copy, the only options I have to save it are jpeg, TIFF 8 bit, or TIFF 16 bit. Can you please advise the best option to save it in please?  It is currently unedited, and I would like to do my RAW edit then take it into Photoshop. Potentially for a large print sale.

Thank you


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Just now, EB Photography said:

OK. Thanks! I'll batch edit the NEF images in RAW

And save them as 16-bit TIFFs or PSDs, yes.

Just now, EB Photography said:

then merge to HDR

Are you sure you even need to?  Remember, "merging to HDR" is only for people who don't know how to edit raw files; or for cases where one raw file genuinely doesn't capture the entire tonal range.

I know you're not the former, so is the latter true?

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