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What kind of adjustment do you want to make to the highlights, exactly?

2 minutes ago, MJD said:

when I add a levels layer to the selection it looks like this: black and white and when I try to adjust it adjust the whole photo

Are you sure about that?  Make sure you remember to Shift-click the mask thumbnail to temporarily turn the mask off and on.  You'll probably find that your mask is actually working.

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ah yes it seems to be working.. I don't have anything in mind for this photo in particular for that.. I was just playing around. Some of my landscape photos always tend to have hot spots from the sun reflection on the foliage or whatever and I'm just looking to tone down the very brightest areas. naturally. the shadow highlight filter gives it all an unnatural orange glow if pushed too far but lightly I like how it looks. again maybe not this photo but I'm sure I could find another at some point. Wasn't sure how deep down this I wanted to go without guidance in levels but I was curious.

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