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Part 3: Make the action

Now we’ve made the set, it’s time to make the action. Choose “New Action” from the panel submenu:


Give your action a name, and make sure the set is correctly chosen:


You can also assign an F key to the action if you’re a keyboard shortcut junkie like me, and once you start to accumulate lots of actions, you might find it helpful to colour-code them too. But neither of those two are terribly important at this stage.

When you press “Record”, your action will appear in the Actions Panel, and the little red Record button will be depressed and running:


IMPORTANT: While that little red button is depressed, Photoshop is recording everything you do. If you need to open another image, or anything like that, press the square Stop button first, then press Record again when you’re ready.

Part 4: Recording the steps >>

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