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Moire? Help please!

Monique Graham

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Hi Damien,

Recently started shooting with the R6 and editing this session I've noticed this coloured Moire on the client's clothing.  I have read your article and I can still see it in the raw file at 100%.

Please see 100% crop


100 percent crop.jpg

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Thanks for the reply Damien.  Not sure I'm doing it right, it just made it all monochrome.   

So I open the photo in Photoshop, create new channel mixer adjustment layer, then go to the red channel and adjust to the values R +101, G 0, B -2, the go to green channel and put in those values you listed and so on?  

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Success!! You are a legend!! Thank you so much! 

I  have a similar problem with mum who was wearing a blue dress.  Will this number combination work for different colours or will I  need a new set of numbers to apply to her dress?



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For this one, it should be sufficient to add a Solid Color layer of appropriate blue colour, and set that layer's blend mode to "Color", then gently mask it on to the problem areas.

1 hour ago, Monique Graham said:

Do you know why this is this happening?  Will I need to be dealing with this often?

You're having a run of bad luck.  Fine detail like clothing fabric makes it happen.

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