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Part 5: Calibration settings

This screen is the hub of the whole operation.

Your screen might look different from mine. If yours gives you these three choices, choose “FullCal”:


These three settings should (probably) look like this:


I said “probably”, just in case your lab is Millers or Mpix or another foolish lab that doesn’t recommend 6500K for the white temperature (as I discussed in the first section at the top of this page). If your lab requires a different temperature, select it from that menu.

Gamma should always be 2.2, and Brightness can be 80 for now (we’ll tweak it later if needed). The software’s recommendation for 120 in the Brightness section is crazy – Datacolor seems to think people’s offices are lit by football stadium floodlights!

At the bottom of that screen, press the Advanced Settings button:


Advanced settings >>

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